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Commercial energy decisions are complex, but we're here to help simplify them.

Energy NavigatorOur Energy Navigator decision process is designed to demystify energy decisions so you can make well-informed energy choices for your company. With a collection of the most innovative tools around and experienced representatives to guide you, making smart energy decisions will be simpler than ever before.


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Step 1: Assess

The first step in selecting an electricity plan is gaining a better understanding of your business. We meet with you to understand your key business drivers, risk tolerance and budgetary mechanics, which allows us to build a risk/reward profile that’s as unique as your fingerprint. With this level of understanding, we can help you identify a commercial energy option that is most consistent with your business needs.  

Step 2: Price

After we’ve assessed your business drivers and analyzed your options, we generate a proposal with products and prices that are consistent with your company's unique business needs. All of the components of your price are clearly presented—helping you better understand, so you can make a well informed decision. 

Step 3: Refine

Sometimes plans need a little fine-tuning to be truly optimal. That’s why we created the Energy Navigator Product Optimizer. With it, you can explore different cost outcomes in real time as your sales person adjusts elements of your proposal, helping you identify the optimal plan for your company. Because putting you in control is at the heart of the Energy Navigator process.


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