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Q2 2014
Reducing Commodity Costs by Integrating load analytics

Cutting edge load analytics combined with the collection of interval customer data is changing the commodity landscape for commercial and industrial buyers of electricity. Industry partner Viridity Energy discusses the new opportunities in pricing and managing costs for your facility.

Featured speaker: Eric Alam

Q1 2014
An Overview of the GDF SUEZ Easy Flex Product

Learn how the Easy Flex Product works and the benefits it provides, such as staggered locking of fixed prices based on market conditions and easy to understand billing.

Featured Speakers: Michelle Robichaux, Regional Vice President, and Joey Moreland, Key Partner Manager, GDF SUEZ Energy Resources

Q4 2013
Electricity and Natural Gas Price Risks

Changing market structures, shifting commodity markets and environmental regulations are all coming together at once to create a unique and potentially volatile environment for energy buyers. Find out how to navigate the energy market.

Featured Speaker: Andrew Weissman, Energy Business Watch

Q3 2013
Decoding Energy Decisions

Learn about tools and techniques that can help you sort through your energy options and make it easier to make smart energy decisions for your company.

Featured Speakers: Craig Sutter and Jay Bell, GDF SUEZ Energy Resources

Q1 2013
What’s Next in Energy

Get predictions on electricity and natural gas pricing, upcoming regulatory changes and climate change discussions that will shape the way you manage energy costs.

Featured Speaker: Andrew Weissman, Energy Business Watch

Q4 2012
Manage Energy Costs Through Commodity, Technology, and Wholesale Market Visibility

Get valuable insight into how changing market dynamics, new technologies and market visibility create new opportunities and hurdles for managing energy costs.

Featured Speaker: Audrey Zibelman, Viridity Energy

Q3 2012
Transformation of U.S. Energy Markets

Learn how U.S. electricity, natural gas and coal markets are in the midst of a sweeping transformation in which fierce competition between natural gas and coal-fired generation is driving prices in all three markets.

Featured Speaker: Andrew Weissman, Energy Business Watch

Q2 2012
Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Learn tips on reaching your company's sustainability goals while gaining a competitive business advantage.

Featured Speakers: Ritchie Priddy and Brian Roth, American Energy Solutions

Q1 2012
The Natural Gas Forecast

Learn how natural gas market issues related to the Marcellus Shale and its impact on the Northeast and other regions; the Utica Shale; applied demand vs. balance; growth of production; and new shale production sites. 

Featured Speaker: Jennifer Robinson, BENTEK Energy

Q4 2011
Where electricity and power prices are headed

Learn how certain factors such as the EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSPAR) will affect electricity prices and what it can mean for your business in 2012.

Featured Speaker: Andrew Weissman, Energy Business Watch


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